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Hotels in Osaka – Top 10 Hotels in Osaka

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Osaka is the third biggest city in Japan next to Tokyo and Yokohama. It is one of the most visited cities in Japan as well. Osaka is best known for its delicious street food and laidback atmosphere. Travelers usually prefer Osaka over Tokyo. If you are traveling to Osaka and have no idea where to stay, here are my top 10 hotels in Osaka for you.

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Hotels in Osaka

Depending on your itinerary, you can choose to stay either in Namba, Osaka station, Universal Studios Japan area or near Kansai International Airport.


Namba is my favorite area in Osaka. I love going to Dotonbori to eat street food. I also love going to Shinsaibashi to shop. This place is just so lively, especially at night time. There are so many things to do. I prefer to stay in Namba since it is also just a few train station stops from Shin-Osaka.

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1. Infinity Hotel Osaka Dome-Mae

Infinity Hotel Osaka Dome-Mae was actually where we stayed during our one week in Japan trip last year. I love this hotel because it is one of the most unique hotels in Osaka that I have ever stayed at. It does not have any staff and they have a self-check-in and self check-out system. They will email you the instructions one day before your stay and it is very easy to understand as well. The rooms are also similar to Japanese apartments. It is such a great experience. The room includes a washing machine, microwave oven, refrigerators, and many more.

The location is also really amazing since it is just two train station stops away from Namba station. It is very peaceful and not noisy at night since it is a bit farther away from Namba. This is one of the best hotels in Osaka and I would love to stay here again on our next trip.

2. Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Swissotel Nankai Osaka is perfect for you if you are looking for a more luxurious hotel in Osaka. Swissotel Nankai is one of the 5-star hotels in Osaka. It is located above Namba station, right at the heart of entertainment in Osaka. Dotonbori shopping street is also just a short walk from the hotel. It is also just a 20 minutes train ride to Shin-Osaka station where you can ride the bullet train.

3. Funtoco Backpackers Namba

Hotels in Osaka
Female Only

If you are looking for a more affordable option to stay in Osaka, Funtoco Backpackers Namba is perfect for you. It is very affordable and safe for solo female travelers. They have a female-only room and they have a mixed dormitory as well. If you want to have some privacy, you can book your own room as well but the bathroom will be shared. It is very near to Namba and Dotonbori as well so the location is also perfect.

Hotels in Osaka
Mixed Dormitory. Photo Courtesy of Booking.com

Osaka Station

If you are worried that you’ll be late for your bullet train, then you should book a hotel near Osaka station. Namba is also just a few train station stops. You don’t have to be worried about missing your bullet train if you stay near Osaka station.

4. Hilton Osaka Hotel

Hotels in Osaka
Photo courtesy of Booking.com

Hilton Osaka Hotel is one of the best hotels in Osaka. It is one of the top picks in Osaka. Just across Osaka station, Hilton Osaka is one of the most convenient and luxurious hotels in Osaka. It is located near the shopping district of Umeda. Umeda Sky is just a short distance away from the hotel.

5. Ritz-Carlton Osaka

Hotels in Osaka
Photo Courtesy of Booking.com

Another one of the most luxurious hotels in Osaka is the Ritz-Carlton. It is just a few minutes walk from JR Osaka station and Umeda subway station. It is the perfect accommodation for you if you love staying at luxury hotels. If you love European design, then you will love this hotel.

6. J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse

If you are looking for more budget accommodation near Osaka station, you might want to stay in J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse. There’s a private room and there’s also a dormitory styled room. The bathroom and toilets are shared. The location is perfect since it is also near the Umeda sky and Osaka station.

Universal Studios Japan

If you are a big fan of theme parks like me, you might want to consider booking a hotel near Universal Studios Japan. I had so much fun when we visited USJ, they even had a Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction. You must go one hour before the park opens to line up since there will be a lot of crowds. It will be easier if your hotel is just a walking distance to the park so you’ll be one of the first guests to enter the park.

7. Hotel Universal Port

Just less than a few minutes of walk away from Universal Studios Japan, Hotel Universal Port is a perfect location. It is also very near to the train station.

8. Hotel Keihan Universal Tower

Hotel Keihan Universal Tower is a more affordable hotel near Universal Studios Japan. It is also located just outside the park which is really great. Guests can also take the express limousine bus to Kansai International Airport. It is a 70-minute drive to Kansai International Airport. Itami Airport is also just a 45-minute express bus ride.

Kansai International Airport

Being late or missing a flight is the worst nightmare for every traveler. In order to avoid this, it is much advisable to book a hotel near the airport. I love staying near Kansai International Airport since it is also near the sea. Your hotel will have a beautiful view of the sea. The only downside to staying near the airport is that you are far from downtown.

9. Oriental Suites Airport

Oriental Suites is one of the newest hotels in Osaka. This hotel is perfect for you if you want to be near the airport so you won’t miss your flight. Aside from the Kansai International Airport, this hotel is also near Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle Shopping Centre and Rinku Premium Outlets.

10. Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport is another hotel near the Kansai International Airport. It is one of the best hotels in Osaka that is near the airport since it is also directly accessible to the airport. This hotel is also just a 3-minutes walk to the airport. It is connected the Terminal 1 via a pedestrian walkway. Guests of this hotel can also relax with the hotel’s massage services at the hotel for a fee.

There are hundreds of great hotels in Osaka. But these are the top 10 hotels in Osaka for me. Depending on your itinerary, you can choose the best hotel based on your location.

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Thank you for reading my Top 10 Hotels in Osaka. Have you been to Osaka before? If so, have you stayed in any of these hotels? Do you know other great hotels in Osaka? Let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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  • Nicky

    You’ve really given us a great selection of accommodation to choose from here. I’ve never heard of a hotel room providing a washing machine! That’s incredibly convenient, I think you chose well!

  • Emily z

    These look like great places to stay, I have been thinking about going to Osaka for a while now, will bookmark this page for when the time comes to book my next holiday

  • Sarah

    I love the fact that you included a variety of hotels and not affordable and/or luxury, etc. I love Japan. Everything from the food to culture to the ambiance to the people. It is a very first world nation and is very underrated an an array of ways. I have never been to Osaka, so I will definitely check back here when I decide to take a trip there. Great blog post.

  • Ayishia

    I’m so glad that you compiled a list of hotels across varying price points. Sometimes I want to splurge but other times it’s nice to know what the budget alternatives are.

  • Paula Schuck

    You have a bit of everything here. Love it. I have yet to get to Osaka or Japan at all. But I really have to see these for myself soon. Thanks for all of the ideas though and I will pin this post for later.

    • Courtney

      Love Osaka! Its soooo much fun and delicious food! Great selection of hotels! Was at Osaka few days ago and stayed at Candeo hotels Namba. Concidently I’m doing a giveaway on my Instagram for free 3 nights for 2 people at Candeo hotels in Osaka now of you’re planning to visit Japan soon?

      • Fae Celine

        I agree. the food in Osaka is just the Best! Wow, that is amazing! I just checked your Instagram and joined the giveaway 🙂 I love traveling to Japan and writing about them just makes me so happy.

  • Anna

    Japan is on the top of my travel bucket list! I really like the room of Hilton Osaka Hotel, especially the seating area by the window! It would be so nice to enjoy the views with a cup of coffee!

  • Jan

    Thanks for a good list of hotels to choose from in Osaka. Most of them look quite good and upscale except the backpacking ones. The partitions given between backpacking beds are too small to serve any privacy purpose!

  • Jenny Bhatia

    All of these hotels look so clean and sleak, even the more affordable options. We would love to venture to Japan one day to see the beauty and taste the delicious food. I have also heard that the people are the kindest and most hospitable in the world.

  • Sharon

    It’s nice to see these beautiful airport hotels. Sometimes it’s just the easiest to stay right near the airport for a late-night or early-morning flight schedule. These hotels all look so clean and neat.

  • Yukti Agrawal

    Thanks for sharing great detailed post on where to stay in Osaka. Hotel Keihan Universal Towerlooks great place to stay as it is a more affordable hotel and that too near Universal Studios Japan.

  • Andi

    The Infinity Hotel Osaka Dome-Mae looks ah-mazing!!!! I tried to find pricing but it seems you need to have a booking.com login that I don’t have. We stayed the week in the St. Regis in Osaka (only because we had a TON of points!) and it was such a cool experience, we even had a personal butler. I love hotels in Japan and have never had a bad one!

  • Aditi Sharma

    We’ve yet to visit Japan but when we do, I’m sure we will include Osaka in our itinerary. Thanks for your recommendations of hotels in Osaka – will definitely look into booking availability at some of them when we plan our trip.

  • Ana @labellesociety

    Osaka is Amazing and Japan was also one of the most unique places I have been in my life. This is truly a great and inspiring post. Hope I can. go back very soon and take one of your hotel recommendations in Osaka! Thank you for sharing this!

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